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Ashtabula County Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney – Samuel L. Altier

When filing for Bankruptcy in Ashtabula County Ohio, you will need an attorney who is dedicated to helping you. We also know that everybody’s financial situation is different. That is why we take pride in providing you with a personalized solution to help cure your financial needs.

Filing Bankruptcy in Ashtabula County; Including Conneaut, Geneva  & JeffersonDebt Relief Ashtabula Ohio

Having been a practicing attorney and lawyer in Ashtabula for over 20 years, we are certainly knowledgeable  of all current bankruptcy laws for our county and for Ohio.  Our firm is completely up to date with the new Bankruptcy Reform Legislation that took effect Oct. 17th 2005.  The new bankruptcy laws affected everyone in Ohio including residents of Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, Jefferson, Andover etc.  For example, some of the bankruptcy changes pertain to the equity in your home and car, as well as student loans, child support, and some taxes. Take advantage of our totally free Bankruptcy Evaluation and see where you stand.

New Bankruptcy Law Myths – Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva & Jefferson

Myth #1Most Americans No Longer Qualify – INCORRECT.  Almost all people who qualified under the old law are still eligible under the new bankruptcy laws of today.  Yes there are numerous changes, including a ‘means test’, but most changes are merely burdensome in nature. The new bankruptcy laws did not alter your ability to get the desperate financial relief you need.

Myth #2You Will Lose Everything – THE REALITY IS those individuals who file bankruptcy can generally keep things like their homes, cars and other personal property. There are still many exemptions that will allow you to keep your personal possessions. There have been revised allowable limits, and we will help you determine which assets qualify and for how much.

Myth #3You Are Required to Pay Back All Debts in Full – COMPLETELY FALSE.  Many types of debt such as credit cards, medical bills, utility bills and certain loans can still be discharged with a bankruptcy. The truth is that just a fraction of the people who file Chapter 13 need a ‘repayment plan’ due to their income.  And secured loans can often be re-negotiated for better payments terms and lower balances.

Myth #4You Are Not Allowed to Own Anything After Bankruptcy – INCORRECT. The reality is that almost all of the personal property people own is guarded or ‘exempt’ from creditor seizure. There are only a few kinds of ‘personal property’ that can be pursued by a trustee after filing a Chapter 7; these include life insurance benefits, domestic property settlements, and inheritance.  You ARE ALLOWED to keep exempt property and acquire different assets after you filed your bankruptcy.

You can expect only the best bankruptcy representation from Attorney-at-Law Samuel L. Altier Ltd. in Ashtabula Ohio. We treat all our clients with respect and dignity. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Ashtabula County Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Sameul L. Altier

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